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It affects the way we feel, the way we live, and the way we interact with one another because it often sets the boundaries of our experiences. These personal and intellectual forces of architecture are what make the exploration of the design and building process both professionally engaging and socially imperative.

We are licensed in California and the founder, Eric Nyhus, is LEED accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).  Eric has been involved in the designing and building of residential and hospitality projects in Northern California and around the world for nearly three decades. NDG is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Eric Nyhus

Growing up in significant art and cultural centers such as Rio de Janeiro, Athens, and Paris, Eric experienced first-hand some of the most influential and important architecture in the world.  He brings almost 30 years of hospitality and high-end residential design experience to every project and, like the staff at NDG, applies it with great enthusiasm, creativity, and energy.  Other designs in Eric’s portfolio include wineries, spas, stables, residences, and resorts/hotels.


Washington University in St. Louis, B.A. Architecture 1991



Eric enjoyed two incredible years in Japan teaching English to junior high school children and briefly played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL.  The son of a diplomat, he was fortunate to grow up around the world in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Guatemala City, Brasilia, Paris, Athens, Madrid, and Washington D.C.  Eric is also a member of the Hillsborough Beautification Foundation Board of Trustees (HBF), and past member and chairman of the ADRB (Architecture and Design Review Board) of Hillsborough (7 years), proudly serving his community.

"My wife and I built our Hillsborough home in 1976. Around 2008 we began a remodeling process but avoided doing our master bedroom/bath, which was in serious need of an update. The reason: no one could come up with a plan given the space constraints. In 2013 we turned to Eric Nyhus to see if he had any ideas. What came was a remarkably creative plan, which we quickly embraced. We have now lived with the finished produce for over 4 years and truly love the final outcome. Not only does Eric have a creative mind, he also has a strong attention to details. We have been pleased to recommend the Nyhus Group several times and have heard only great things. While permitting was not a significant issue with our remodel, it can be with new construction. As the former chairman of the Town’s Architectural Design and Review Board, he better than most knows his way around the permitting process which can avoid long delays. We strongly endorse the work, ethics and quality of the Nyhus Design Group."

Annie and Jay Benton

"I am an interior designer in Hillsborough, CA and am working on multiple projects with Eric Nyhus. The first thing I hear from the clients when they hire me is that they love working with him. They are comfortable communicating with him, appreciate the home he creates for them and are always happy to refer his services to their friends. Eric is team-oriented; he thinks and moves forward in the process collaboratively. He listens to the clients' needs and desires and puts them at ease with the process. He is thoughtful, professional and extremely nice to work with Eric stays supportive and involved with the project till the very end."

Rossi Knapp - Knapp Interior Design

"Being a custom home builder, I couldn't be more honored to be able to work with such a great architecture firm. Aside from creating some amazing designs, there are many other reasons we enjoy working with Eric. He provides his clients with a complete service. From initial concept, to bidding processes, and consultation all the way through the finished product. Eric is there to assist, and guide clients through all of the design challenges typically encountered. Having someone like Eric, who is dedicated to seeing his creation all the way through, while incorporating a client's evolving needs and wants, is a huge contribution to the overall outcome. Eric is a natural at solving problems, not to mention improving on existing designs. When design questions come up, he's always there with multiple solutions, and reasons as to how each solution can improve the design or practicality-factor. Always a pleasure to bring one of his designs to life! Great people. Great designs."

Andrew Vanni - AV Builders

"Eric Nyhus and his Nyhus Design Group oversaw the designs and interiors for the transformation from French Normandy style to Mediterranean Tuscan in a neighborhood that required extensive Architectural Design and Review requirements. We couldn’t be more pleased with his work. His ideas, concepts, and renderings were exceptional in their practicality and taste, but what we ultimately admired most is his tireless work to understand our family’s lifestyle with two young children and desire to entertain both indoors and outdoors. He never imposed any preconceived ideas upon us, and was incredibly thoughtful with our ideas. He had suggestions to make the space very efficient and practical, and now that we have been in our house for several years, we constantly remark on how his ideas were truly effective for our busy lives, while maintaining our overall aesthetic goals of Tuscan style architecture with a modern floor plan. At various stages, he was honest about costs and what aspects might be more expensive. There are certainly many architects with laudable tastes, but the working relationship we had was what makes Eric such a fabulous architect."

Arthur and Danica

"We worked with Nyhus Design Group to plan and execute an extensive renovation and expansion of our three-story colonial home in Potomac, MD. Before starting our project, we spoke with several architects, builders, and design/build companies - and NDG emerged as the clear choice. Eric Nyhus, our principal architect, brought to us the most innovative and comprehensive solutions we had seen. He listened carefully to our needs and provided design concepts that not only met those needs, but elevated the overall aesthetic of our home. He took the time to understand the needs of our family and how we would live in the new space. What particularly impressed us was Eric's ability to integrate specific design elements that we requested with complementary elements that we hadn't envisioned. Eric's collaborative design process led to several improvements that we would not have discovered on our own, including innovative lighting in several rooms, effective integration of our addition with the original space, and subtle details on the exterior that dramatically improved the curb appeal of our home. In the Kitchen, Eric used a combination of semi-custom cabinetry and extensive trim detailing to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen at an affordable price. In fact, the supplier that fabricated and installed our cabinetry described Eric's design as the most sophisticated and layered design they had ever produced. The process of working with NDG was a pleasure. Throughout the design phase, Eric proactively scheduled meetings to present his design ideas, including animated 3D renderings, to illustrate how we would interact with our new space. Eric remained open to our feedback throughout the process, and was always willing to make modifications or to present us with options in order to make sure we felt confident with our final decisions. Our builder was extremely impressed by both the design and the level of detail in our final plans. During the building phase, Eric remained engaged - working collaboratively with the builder to ensure that the finished home was consistent with our plans. We are extremely pleased with the final results."

Mike and Zoya S.

"Eric Nyhus is quite simply the most brilliant space planner we have ever encountered. He is a genius in getting the most out of each square foot. Eric was able to incorporate our entire wish list for our remodel, and the updates looked as if they were part of our home’s original design. Eric is a pleasure to work with as well. He is a rare combination of huge talent and modest ego."

Christine and Jeff Krolik

"Eric Nyhus is game changer! His vision and talent are unmatched. After working with two other highly recommended architects, we still didn't have a guest house design we liked, even more frustrating, we'd paid for plans we were never going to use. We were left so disappointed and underwhelmed we put the entire idea on hold for several years. Once we started working with Eric, he not only presented us something unique to our lot and needs, he came up with a dream design, we were blown away! To say he transformed our entire property with a guest house sounds like an overstatement, but trust us, it's not! It's truly the most magical part of our property. We can't recommend Eric enough, he's a home run!"

Scott and Lora Peterson

"We love working with Eric Nyhus as our architect! He is talented, personable and a good listener. He listened to our ideas of the needs we hoped to be addressed in a large remodel. He returned with plans which we loved because they were creative and addressed our needs. Once the work began if we had questions, he always was available either for a quick phone call or, if necessary, for a visit. He intuitively knew what we needed in our new kitchen. I had told him I enjoyed baking and cooking and his plan was perfect. Once we were moved in, I never changed a cupboard or drawer! Adjoining the kitchen now we have a large family room/ Great room that has surpassed our dreams for comfort and increased light. I whole-heartedly recommend him!"

Bebe T.

"We had long complained about our small, dark and bunker-like “master suite” and, given limited room for expansion, we despaired that we could ever have what we wanted. Eric listened attentively to our wish list and created an innovative and sophisticated solution, one we had never considered and now enjoy every day. His design was compatible to the original “A-frame” of our main house without its limitations and produced a harmonious whole. We loved working with him!"

John T / Mill Valley, California

"Eric was an outstanding architect to work with on our major kitchen and bathroom remodel. He brought a variety of creative, practical, and sophisticated design solutions to the table. He is a great listener and was attentive to our needs. He worked well with our contractor to problem solve and bring his ideas to life, and he was additionally adept in managing the permit process -- he helped navigate and expedite approvals which made it a smooth experience overall. He has a keen eye for detail and is a pleasure to work with. We would work with him again in a heartbeat - he met and exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend his architectural services."

Mark and Holly R / Hillsborough, California